14 Post-Mortem Rituals That Are Chilling AF

on Feb, 14 2017 in WTF/OMG 24812 views
Death is one of the most unexplainable phenomena we’ll experience in our lives. Everybody has some form of opinion on what happens when we die, where our mind and soul might go. Some think they have all the answers, while many remain clueless. There is no factual evidence as to what happens to us once we’re no longer alive on this planet, and there really may not ever be a way of knowing. One thing we can know for certain, however, is what happens to our bodies after we die.

Humans are one of the rare species that mourns the loss of a person after they die. We mourn, pray, and feel sorrow for long term family members and friends that we lose, as well as complete strangers’ passings we sometimes hear about. Everyone has a different idea as to what they want to happen to their bodies when they die, many planning it out in wills before they even come close to passing away. Some wish to be cremated, others placed inside a casket for eternity. No matter what you or the people around you wish to happen to them, no two people are mourned and remembered the same. But some mourn in ways that seem way different than anything we would ever imagine for ourselves or our loved ones.

Some mourn in ways that chill us to the bone just thinking about it. Others practice mourning rituals that actually make some sense. For now, here are 14 Chilling Post-Mortem traditions from around the world.